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About Through the digital guidebook Regions and people are connected

Main function

  • save guidebook
  • check in
  • review
  • translation

Merit Benefits of creating a digital guidebook

  • PR of local information by map

    Digital guidebooks are an opportunity for people around the world to learn about the region through maps.

  • Archive maps on My Page

    The created digital guidebooks are archived on My Page, and can be provided collectively to users from My Page.

  • Save route information such as experiences and activities

    You can also save the content you want to map, such as diving spots and touring routes, in a digital guidebook.

Case Study Digital Guidebook Usage Examples

  • Municipality/tourist association

    Digitalized tourist maps and booklets that were previously provided in magazines

  • hotel

    Information on the surrounding environment that guests are concerned about during consecutive/long stays and workations with peeeps (can be linked with Workations)

  • Experience/Activity

    Diving spots, touring routes, and other content that you want to map into a digital guidebook

  • tourist guide

    Create a digital guidebook for the spots to be guided by the guide and share it with users in advance

  • coworking space

    Provide a digital guidebook of the surrounding environment to clarify the image of remote work

  • influencer

    Reproduce the route and memories you experienced in a digital guidebook and share it with fans and acquaintances

  • with family and friends

    Create a digital guidebook for your travels as a travel guide and share it with your family and friends.

How to Use Flow of creating a guidebook

Create and publish easily in 3 steps

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    Create a guidebook

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    Public / SNS share

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Tips Best way to get people to know you

Two-dimensional code is installed at the front desk and reception of the shop

It is recommended to install a QR code that can be connected to the peeeps guidebook at the front desk or reception. We are preparing a toolkit, so please contact us if you need it.

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Posting links to digital guidebooks on the websites of shops and hotels

It can be used as a tool to explain the surrounding environment of the inn to customers before making a reservation, or by explaining the surrounding environment through a digital guidebook that they want to know in advance, making it easier to make a reservation or visit. We can also create banners, so please feel free to contact us.

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